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Simple MySQL frontend

  • Hej guys!

    I was just thinking of an Option to have a simple mysql Editor built into pufferpanel.

    Plugins (in my case MC) which are mysql based would be configuable more easy.

    As a sample adding new Players into the permissions backend based on mysql.


  • To build off your idea, it would be allot of work to incorporate a standalone mysql panel. This idea might be good if a client can create a database for their server at the click of a button but controlled by another mysql editing program.

    That being said multicraft has that feature too and depending on copyright this may not work out too well.

  • All they REALY need to do is build pufferpanel into phpmyadmin and there you go. Multicraft can't Realy do anything as phpmyadmin is not there software. They are releasing this feature in 1.0.0

  • While I am open to the idea of having the ability for PufferPanel to provision MySQL databases to game servers, we will not be implementing phpmyadmin into PufferPanel.

  • @puffrfish alright. Still MySQL would be a good thing to add in the future.

  • To expand on this, there would be nothing preventing you from running phpmyadmin and letting your users use it however. It's an entirely separate thing and none of this has anything to do with other panel software or copyright. Many web panels will automatically set up phpmyadmin (such as cPanel) but I don't think that sort of thing belongs in PufferPanel.

  • I see the issues you are having with implementing this. No problem for me.
    You are asking for new features which would be useful and having such an integration (in one and the same panel) would make things much more comfortable.

    The question is, what is THEpanel a user would use and what are the reasons which are forcing him to switch between different views.
    Databases are the one most common things we have to deal with, forcing us to leave the panel.
    So,..this is something I would personally try to get on board to make the user feel that my solution is the one prefered he will use forever.

    In best case scenarios the user wouldn't have to leave the panel (his personal comfort zone) at all for his daily administrative work.

    But,..again,..I see your objection.

    Off topic: This was my first post here and I love how active people are.

    Hope you like when I try to be constructive and not just consuming.


    PS: I was thinking of something like this....shouldn't be too complicate for a capable team of developers ;-)

  • @Robulus said:

    shouldn't be too complicate for a capable team of developers ;-)

    Making a MySQL client is really not within our scope. While I'd like to think we are a capable team of developers the honest truth is that we have very little competent help and do this in our very limited spare time. I understand what you are saying, but I think creating the database to go along with the server is about where the integration would end.

    I appreciate feature requests, but not every request can be honored due to the nature of the project. I am not trying to discount the effort and help anyone has provided, but experienced developers are nearly nonexistent when it comes to providing contributions to the project. We always encourage beginning programmers to give things a shot, but the fact of the matter is that it generally takes somewhat skilled developers to develop good software. We are working hard to make the project more attractive to contribute to in the future, but as things stand right now we are just 2 people with limited resources.

    PufferPanel v1.0.0 does not use PHP so automatically configuring one of the existing solutions would mean trying to automatically configure the web server and a bunch of other things that we simply do not want to try to automate. As I said before, you can install phpmyadmin and let your users login using their MySQL credentials. I do not think it is too onerous to go to a separate panel for something like that. If you are constantly playing with your MySQL database chances are something is wrong, as pretty much the entire point to making software that uses a database is so the software interacts with the database and the user does not.

  • Hej,

    I understand your opinion and absolutely didn't want to offend you.

    I just wanted to show what I think might be really useful.

    And,...please,...keep up the good work ;-)

    Looking forward to contribute as good as possible.


  • No problem, keep it coming. I just like to explain my reasoning since I do not want us to be seen as just developers that rain on everyone's parade. It sucks to have to tell people "no" somewhat frequently, but it comes with the territory.

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