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Noob question: where is the server directory?

  • hello once again, i need to know where pufferpanels creates mc servers beacuse i wanna put existing servers there thanks in advance (note: im using ubuntu 16.04 there is not much big difference you should test it and confirm it sometime)

  • Scales places servers inside their own directories inside /home. You will see /home/pp-something which is where the server data is kept. Please do not move data into it manually, instead use the SFTP user the panel creates or the file manager on the web interface, otherwise permissions will not be correct.

  • thanks i was ready to manually copy the files over there because they are large size and its going to take days to upload from my line (0.8 upload) but ill be patient thanks

  • If this is the case you can fix the permissions like so:

    Find the pp-whatever name for the server.

    chown -R pp-whatever:scalesuser /home/pp-whatever/public

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