Trouble installing Pufferpanel

  • For some reason everytime I try to install pufferpanel, wherever the control panel should be is either the landing page for nginx, a 404 page, or just flat out refusing to connect based on my nginx config. I've followed the tutorial exactly and the system specs are:

    Centos 7
    nginx version 1.6.3

    My pufferpanel.conf file is

    My nginx config is for the landing page.
    My nginx config is for the 404 page.
    my nginx config is for the refusing to connect.

  • For some reason your nginx.conf has a server block in it which is conflicting with the pufferpanel.conf. I would recommend restoring your nginx.conf to its original state, you should not need to edit that.

    I am assuming your PufferPanel install is indeed located at the default location (/srv/pufferpanel), but if it is not then please move it there.

    Make sure the pufferpanel.conf is located in /etc/nginx/conf.d and that there are no other config files in there that could be interfering.

    You can grab the /var/log/nginx/error.log and /var/log/nginx/access.log and paste them to and give us the URL it takes you to. That might be able to help us further.

    Please also run

    nginx -t

    and give us the output if there are any errors. Thanks.

  • Error.log
    No errors were shown from nginx -t
    pufferpanel.conf is located in conf.d and pufferpanel is located in /srv/pufferpanel

    all the files in /srv/pufferpanel have 755 permissions.

  • Changing permissions like that is quite unwise. I would recommend removing the /srv/pufferpanel directory and running through the installer steps again, starting with the "curl -L -o pufferpanel.tar.gz" line.

    After the installer has been run, please try the following command:

    chown -R nginx:nginx /srv/pufferpanel

    For your reference, here is a default nginx.conf

  • I've done the steps again and I still get a connection refused. I'm using the nginx config file you gave me and ran the installer again. This time my error.log and access.log are empty and running nginx -t has no errors.

  • Can you please give the output of

    netstat -plunt

    Thank you

  • Looks like nginx isn't running. What happens when you this command?

    systemctl start nginx

  • It give no output and I still can't connect. running the nginx command does the same. netstat -plunt remains the same, no output to error.log or access.log.

  • What is the output of

    ps aux

  • Actually use this link, my terminal truncated some of the processes

  • Let's just give everything a good restart to make sure

    systemctl restart nginx

    I really don't know why nginx is refusing to listen on port 80, this is rather strange. So long as you have your default nginx.conf or the one I posted, and the pufferpanel,conf in conf.d it should work. Let me know if it prints anything to the console when you try to restart nginx.

  • No output in console and it is still not working. I haven't had this much trouble with nginx ever, weird.

  • Try this just to make sure.

    Go ahead and copy the pufferpanel.conf somewhere safe.
    (as root for all of this)

    cp /etc/nginx/conf.d/pufferpanel.conf /srv/pufferpanel.conf

    Then remove nginx, install nginx, and copy back the config.

    systemctl stop nginx
    ps aux #check to make sure nginx is actually no longer running
    yum remove nginx
    rm -rf /etc/nginx
    yum install nginx
    systemctl start nginx
    systemctl enable nginx
    cp /srv/pufferpanel.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/pufferpanel.conf
    systemctl restart nginx

  • Well, progress. I'm now getting a 404 page.

    I also had to manually create the conf.d directory.

  • You ran

    chown -R nginx:nginx /srv/pufferpanel


  • I did. I ran it again to be sure and restarted nginx, still a 404 page.

  • So, I did some research and set me selinux into permissive mode, which is now giving me a 502 page.

    The error it is giving me is

    2016/05/07 22:29:06 [error] 15611#0: *4 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://", host: ""

  • Can you paste the contents of /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf ?

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