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Is Ubuntu 16.04 supported

  • If I upgrade to the latest Ubuntu version (16.04 i'm using 15.10) will I lose all my stuff?

  • if your upgrading through do_release_upgrade, no. i suggest though making a backup of your machine to make sure if something goes wrong its fixed. If you are upgrading by reinstalling the OS (openvz), yea it will delete everything.

  • We do not have a release that is approved for use with Ubuntu 16.04 yet, as there are quite a few packages that are different and other changes we will need to make. It is not impossible to get it working and the changes are mostly trivial, but we're not recommending anyone upgrade until we have a new release out and will not be supporting 16.04 installs until then.

  • Yes I was using do_release_upgrade and I cancelled it, phew!

    No I am not reinstalling and I have an OVH VPS and i don't know how to make a backup :P

    Thanks though!

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