Cannot start servers

  • Hi people, I'm having serious problems with scales.
    Error when I try and stop scales:
    Scales log:

    Thanks in advance!

  • Seems port 5656 is in use.
    You can switch the port for scales or turn off the program that's using it.

    Refer to this page on how to check what program is using what port.

  • To further clarify what you should do to fix this issue I'll write out some commands you can run.

    (as root)

    ps aux

    This command will list all running processes and their process IDs (PID). Please find any running instances of Scales and their PIDs. You can then kill the processes by using the following command, replacing 8332 with the process ID you find using ps aux.

    kill 8332

    You should then be able to start Scales using ./scales start

    There may also be an error with permissions for the server you are attempting to start. Please make sure you are only uploading files either using the web interface or the SFTP user the panel generates. Using root or other users to upload files will result in issues.

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