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Pufferpanel server that are not filled the ram usage, it use also swap space

  • Hi, i want know why for example i got a server with 10 gb ram alocated (startup script -Xmx${memory}M -Duser.timezone=Europe/Rome -jar ${jar} nogui)
    i noticed for example i use 7650/10140 ram, it use 7% of swap space, is normal? (i used the command smem -t -p )

  • short answer:
    its normal

    long answer:
    if my knowledge is correct swap is a version of ram thats quite slower thats powered by your hard-drive. Your system would dump ram to swap if its not needed to be on demand but it still needs to have easy access. Its normal for swap to be used a little, you may have a problem if swap usage is abnormally high when your not maxing your ram.

  • This is normal linux behavior as far as I am aware. At any rate it's not something PufferPanel has any control or influence over.

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