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  • Hi guys,

    I'm using a VPS for PufferPanel. I managed to install the panel, but how can I access the panel?
    I already removed Apache.

    Can anyone help me?

  • type in what you entered for you FDQN

  • Chances are nginx might have failed to start if you had Apache running on port 80 already. Try the following:

    sudo service nginx restart

    If the problem persists, please post the contents of /etc/nginx/sites-available/pufferpanel.conf (or /etc/nginx/conf.d/pufferpanel.conf on CentOS) so we can better diagnose your issue. You can paste your config file to and give us the URL it takes you to.

  • @puffrfish nginx works fine, but I can't find my panel in the browser, here you can find the pufferpanel.conf config

    This is the content of the webpage

  • if you setup the proper dns records you should be able to access your panel at
    i tried accessing the domain and it seems its improperly configured.
    you can point the domain by doing the following:

    • go to your domain dns settings
    • create a new address (A) record
    • set the subdomain
    • for the address, point it to your server ip
    • set your ttl to the lowest possible allowed (this will make your domain settings be applied faster)
    • verify that your domain is properly pointed, this may take up to 48 hours (it normally takes under an hour).

  • @SirCoolness @puffrfish It's working! Thank you guys!

  • no problem :)

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