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Is there a way to transfer settings across a reinstall?

  • Since PufferPanel seems to have stopped working, I'm going to try to reinstall it. However, I don't really want to go through the hassle of reconfiguring eight servers, then renaming folders and fixing permissions.

    Since I have recently gotten into MySQL settings and have seen how Scales and PufferPanel keep their records, I'm wondering if it is possible to transfer this database somehow, so that I can just have my servers pre-configured and ready to run. Is this possible? Can I transfer my server configuration to a new installation?

    If my PufferPanel issues don't go away, I will see what happens with a fresh install. I just would like to see where this gets me (and maybe even use it in the future, when I have to reinstall Ubuntu).

  • Not really, you can certainly transfer the MySQL database and its contents, but the information in it would likely be wrong. I would highly recommend doing the install from scratch, as there are a ton of issues I can foresee from trying to transfer an install.

  • Thanks. I guess I'll just do that. I certainly know how :p.

    Are there plans for some sort of transfer option in the future?

  • We have a lot of plans, just not a lot of means to fulfill those plans. I know we have certainly kept in mind keeping the configuration less hardcoded in pufferd and the new PufferPanel and will continue to though.

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