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Scales, SRCDS refusing to bind to IP

  • Trying to get a garrysmods server running , the problem is when I try to join the server it wont let me in. I'm running a dedicated box ( Ubuntu 14.04 ) with several IPs on one network interface.

    When starting the server it reports back my main http/ssh IP not the assigned IP for the connection. Like so:

    Public IP is ${http/ssh IP}. Assigned anonymous gameserver Steam ID ...

    When I add -ip "ipadderss" it crashes the server.

    WARNING: NNET_OpenSocket: bind: Cannot assign requested addressCould not find steamerrorreporter binary. Any minidumps will be uploaded in-process Couldn't allocate any server IP port
    [Scales] [WARNING] This server has been detected as crashed by the management daemon. The restart process is being skipped due to the frequency at which this server is crashing (< 60 seconds between crashes).

    I've tried adding this http://scales.pufferpanel.com/docs/adding-additional-port-mappings and the server still crashes when I start it.
    Is there a way to bind the SRCDS to an external ip from the docker instance.

  • Seems disabling docker fixes the issue, one question tho, with having docker disabled. Is docker required to be installed? Can I uninstall docker if I'm not using it or is scales dependent on some part of docker?

  • Docker is not required to be installed if you have docker: false set in the Scales config.json. The reason it's crashing is because inside the docker container that IP doesn't exist, since it's almost as if it is another machine. If you change the IP of the server from within the panel, srcds should bind to that IP because it's the only IP available to it.

    That being said the "Public IP is ${http/ssh IP}. Assigned anonymous gameserver Steam ID ..." is not exactly accurate as far as I am aware because it goes out to another server to try to get that information, and will return the IP of the main interface no matter what. It should be bound to the correct IP if it is set from the panel (and the container rebuilt). If this is not the case please let me know and we will try to take steps to fix that in pufferd.

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