• I have a problem
    I can not start, stop and edit my servers and there stands down in the right corner
    that could not get a connection to the there may be network issues currently
    BUT my dedi works and its up to date

  • This sounds like an issue with Scales. Can you please verify that Scales is started and your SSL certificates for Scales are working by visiting https://scalesfqdn:5656 (replacing scalesfqdn with the FQDN or IP you set in the panel for the node).

    If that works, please provide the contents of /srv/scales/proc.log and any logs in /srv/pufferpanel/logs. You can paste them to and give us the URL it takes you to.

  • i cant login to the site

  • You cannot login to PufferPanel or you cannot use SSH?

  • I can log into the ssh and pufferpanel but it doesn't work when i start or stop the server because it say the thing with and for example if I go to the file manager its saying this "Unable to connect to the daemon to process this request."

  • You'll need to use SSH to get those log files.
    For example:

    cat /srv/scales/logs/proc.log

  • Has this issue been resolved?

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