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  • Hi there,

    i have tried to configure an alternative Port into my Spiggot installation, but it won't work :-(

    I mapped it with the manual

    "name": "[...]",
    "user": "[...]",
    "build": {
    "mapping": {
    "": {
    "3128": "3128"
    "ip_address": {
    "internal": "external"
    "disk": {
    "hard": 100,
    "soft": 32
    "cpu": 100,
    "memory": 1024,
    "io": 500
    "startup": {
    "command": "-Xms${memory}M -server -jar ${jar}",
    "variables": {
    "jar": "server.jar",
    "build_params": "-p spigot"
    "gameport": 25566,
    "gamehost": "",
    "plugin": "minecraft"

    Server is listening to
    Minecraft Server Port 25566
    Dynmap Port 3128

    What is wrong with that configuration?

    thanks for your reply

    greets Dreamhacked

  • We have released a new version of PufferPanel and Scales with an improved installation process and many bug fixes. Please try the latest version and see if it fixes your issues.

    I’m marking this question as solved since there has been a long period of inactivity on it. If you are still experiencing issues, please create a new question. Thanks!

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