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Changing FQDN or Changing Scales Port

  • How can I change my FQDN and server scales port? Cause it seems like it is impossible to change FQDN cause it will always have a red cross even I resolve to the same ip with another domain and changed the FQDN from settings. And how do I change my scales's port?

  • If you change the FQDN of the node you'll need to regenerate the SSL certificates for it. You can see how to do this on the bottom of this page under Self-Signed Certificates.

    The process is essentially

    cd /srv/scales
    rm https.key https.pem
    openssl req -x509 -days 365 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout https.key -out https.pem -nodes

    Please make sure to provide the correct Common Name. That is the new FQDN you have set for the node (scales.example.com).


    Unfortunately the only way to change the port PufferPanel expects Scales to listen on is using MySQL.

    Login using the root MySQL account

    mysql -u root -p

    If you successfully logged in you should see


    Select the pufferpanel database

    USE pufferpanel;

    To see the list of nodes you can use

    SELECT * FROM nodes;

    To change the port perform a query like the following, making sure to replace the IP with the IP of the node you wish to update, as well as "5454" to the port you want Scales to listen on.

    UPDATE nodes SET daemon_listen="5454" WHERE ip="";

    Then you can exit MySQL



    The next part assumes you are logged in as root.
    Make sure to stop Scales.

    cd /srv/scales
    ./scales stop

    Now edit /srv/scales/config.json and change the "rest" line to the new port.

    	"listen": {
    		"sftp": 22,
    		"rest": 5454

    Save the file and start Scales up.

    ./scales start

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