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How to help?

  • Hi,
    I just found this project on the might interwebs and would like to help.
    But you just decided to do a full rewrite,
    I would like to help this project but i am wondering that its usefull to start translating,
    and do other things with a fully new build is on its way.

    I don't really have big php experience but that can be changed in time,
    also what are the plans for the redesign?

    If you rather have that we discus this on your irc channel to see how i can help,
    that would be okay too,
    if you would be kindly enough to leave a note on the times your mostly active and your timezone.

  • We generally do most of our communication about development on IRC, so I would definitely suggest going there. We are active at all different times, so it's hard to say, but if you get an IRC client or join using the webchat you can leave it open and we'll be sure to respond.

  • Does pufferpanel have a gitter.im channel?

  • We do not, we use IRC. You can join with an IRC client at irc.esper.net #pufferpanel or with the web client.

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