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Addition of Game-Specific Plugins

  • I'm not sure if this has been requested before but I'm trying to add game-specific plugins. For instance, instead of just having a plugin for Minecraft or SRCDS, I want to create specific plugins for ForgeMod, CS:GO and Garry's Mod.

    This would allow me to add startup variables which are specific to that game with default values, for example for CS:GO I could have the startup command pre-populated with all the variables I want, making it far easier to add new servers, e.g.

    New Server Creation
    Example 1

    New Plugin
    Example 2

    There's a "Manage Plugins" option in PufferPanel already which allows the creation of new plugins and does exactly what I need. The only problem I have is that when I try to create a new server using one of my custom plugins, its tries to create the Docker from "pufferpanel/<plugin_name>". Since I can't add a custom repository under the pufferpanel user, could you add a feature to allow custom Docker Hubs. I believe "pufferpanel/<plugin_name>" is hard-coded so I think just adding a field for a custom docker user would solve the problem.


  • I have the same problem. I added a new plugin, however, when trying to use him receive the error message:

    Pulling repository docker.io/pufferpanel/<my_plugin_name>
    Error: image pufferpanel/<my_plugin_name> not found
    error: unable to contact remote service to alert to completed install process.

    Is there already a way to solve this? Can it get around?

  • you need to make sure the plugin has all files in proper locations in the scales demon and is properly specified in the pufferpanel plugin list.

  • Hmm, I add files config.json main.js to /srv/scales/lib/plugins/pluginname/ and /srv/scales/lib/scripts/install/pluginname.js following the example of on the plugin srcds. Somewhere else you need to register the plug? How to check if it is properly loaded?

    Latest logs:

    // ...
    [2016-06-03 16:08:17] [VERBOSE] Finished basic install process for new server, preparing to complete full install process.
    [2016-06-03 16:08:18] [VERBOSE] Starting full install process
    [2016-06-03 16:08:18] [VERBOSE] Creating docker container for server ace2bd06-33dd-4b8a-9d68-b62f025c9e8a
    [2016-06-03 16:08:18] [VERBOSE] Executing cmd: docker create -it --name pp-test_ezkt9op -h docker -m 1024M --blkio-weight=500 -p -p -u 1018 -v /home/pp-test_ezkt9op/public:/home/container pufferpanel/<my_plugin_name>:latest
    [2016-06-03 16:08:23] [ERROR] Unable to complete the installer process. Please check the logs for more information.
    Error: docker create command exited with non-zero error code [1].
        at Socket.<anonymous> (/srv/scales/lib/controller/system.js:175:41)
        at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)
        at Socket.emit (events.js:172:7)
        at Terminal.emit (/srv/scales/node_modules/pty.js/lib/pty.js:306:27)
        at onexit (/srv/scales/node_modules/pty.js/lib/pty.js:118:10)

  • nevermind, it seems its actually to actually be trying to pull it from the docker repository.
    it seems you need to have a plugin there under puffer panel for it to download here.

    thats just my analisis of this error hopefully @puffrfish can give a better explaination

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