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Pufferpanel upgrade from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6

  • Hi i just follow the istructions for upgrade, but my panel it still saying that i am using version...

  • Hello:

    Was just about to report this, and saw this thread, so I'll post here.

    Followed the upgrade directions (which still say, on the website, that you're upgrading to 0.85 ... might want to change that real quick) and the footer, after the update, says:

    PufferPanel is licensed under a GPL-v3 License.
    Running Version Beta distributed by PufferPanel Development.

    Other than that, the upgrade, especially for Scales, went smooth and without a hitch.

    Also, kudos on PufferPanel. Am using it to run a BungeeNetwork with 6 vmWare nodes (e3-1270v3 w/32GB of RAM each and 4x480GB SSDs in a RAID10 per node) running 100+ servers, and it's stable and great for our use case.

    As Always,

  • Looks like we forgot to increment the version number, sorry about that! Will be fixed next release.

  • Yes, the footer is the same :))

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