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PufferPanel v0.8.6 and Scales v0.2.8 have been released

  • Hello everyone,

    We've released v0.8.6 of PufferPanel and v0.2.8 of Scales. These consist primarily of bug fixes for some of the issues reported recently. Thanks to our improved distribution process, updating to them is extremely easy.

    Changelog from PufferPanel v0.8.5:

    • Fixed auto-installer script
    • Update auto-deploy for Scales

    Changelog from Scales v0.2.7:

    • Fixed permissions issue with web based file uploader
    • Fixed an issue with adding extra ports to dockerized servers


    Please follow the directions located here to update PufferPanel.

    To update Scales, please follow the directions located here.

    If you have any issues please ask on our community forums where we have a new system in our support category to better keep track of questions. You can also join us on IRC on irc.esper.net #pufferpanel or using webchat.

  • awesome ! :+1:

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