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Things that should be added in 0.9.X pufferpanel

    1. Billing support and automation
    2. plugin gui (automaticly searches bukkit or spigot for the plugin searched on the control panel)
    3. MySQL database (adds a option for a person to have a MySQL database)
    4. Themes
    5. Kick/ban option next to the users names
    6. Ability for users to upgrade downgrade or select version right from their server control panel
    7. Chat with the other players on the panel without doing /say

  • I was waiting to see what others had to say before replying, but I'll go through and let you know what I think about your requests.

    1. This is something that we are hoping will be possible after v1.0.0 (there will be no v0.9). Right now the panel lacks an API, and this was one of the things that prompted the rewrite of the panel as the current codebase is just not designed for an API in any way.

    2. PufferPanel actually had this at one time although it has since been removed for a variety of reasons. We've had this request before but due it being so Minecraft-specific and the current state of bukkit, it's not something that I think should be a priority. That being said, we will think on this and look into it more.

    3. We'd like to add this for sure.

    4. PufferPanel is actually already fairly theme-able since it's mostly just bootstrap, but when we redo the interface we will be making this easier.

    5. This is also pretty Minecraft-specific, but perhaps.

    6. This is definitely possible.

    7. Also very possible.

    If anyone agrees/disagrees please let me know. We are definitely looking for input on the direction the panel should go in as we get more of the base for v1.0.0 and pufferd made.

  • Thank You.

  • You should make a plugin or addon api for pufferpanel. so minecraft-specific stuff does not NEED to be on pufferpanel but just for minecraft server hosts.

  • i waiting
    Billing support and automation

  • It is already themeable
    just go to /srv/pufferpanel/app/assets/css/
    and modify the css files.

    here i managed to add a custom background (all i could do im not really good with css)
    Custom background

  • i think it is useful to add a theme manager

  • Theme managers are definitely more convenient, especially since that eliminates the need to open the css files as root to edit them.

  • and let users rebuild their servers through the webinterface without sftp :)

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