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Send console commands (using curl)

  • Hello,

    I am currently creating a shell script to auto update the spigot jars on my machine.
    I am using curl and have managed to start and stop the server(s) however there is no notice for the server closing. I am looking to add the curl command to execute the say command to tell players when the server is closing.

    Currently the documentation for this is not available and I'm asking whether anyone has any idea as to what the command is.

    Thank you,

    • Nex

  • In order to send a command to a server you can send a POST to /server/console

    Authentication information and endpoints are located in the "Remote Requests" tab on the server's page within PufferPanel.

    Here is an example curl command to do what you'd like

    curl -k -X "POST" "https://scales.pufferpanel.com:5656/server/console" \
      -H "X-Access-Server: 08a980a8-107a-4a67-a800-d49839d17c3c" \
      -H "X-Access-Token: 8bad6493-f269-4ac9-8193-24264a320aff" \
      -d "command=say Server is shutting down"

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

  • How is this with the API now`?

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