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Password reset script location?

  • So I forgot the login to my admin account (facepalm) and the email isn't working for password reset.
    So I went into the database and grab the auth code that would of been in the email but whats the URL that would be in the email so that i can navigate there with the auth code from the database and reset my password.

    Regards Incrementing.

  • http://panel.yourpufferpanel.com/auth/password/verify/KEYHERE

    You can also do the following to create a new admin account (in order to reset your other one).

    cd /srv/pufferpanel
    ./pufferpanel adduser

  • I'd solved that problem before your response :P
    But now i'm having a different issue.
    Basically I know my password but I don't have access to my phone to grab the 2FA code.

    Not a problem,
    I'll just read this post again and run "./pufferpanel adduser" to override my user but nope.
    There is an error when trying to write the user info to the database... It's trying to login with root@localhost without using a password despite my config.json having the correct login information for the database.

    add user out-put:

    root@aresfrontend:/srv/pufferpanel# ./pufferpanel adduser
    Please enter the following information for the new admin user
    Username: admin
    Email: me@incrementing.pw
    Installing user...
    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)


        "mysql": {
            "host": "localhost",
            "database": "pufferpanel",
            "username": "pufferpanel",
            "password": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
            "port": "3306",
            "ssl": {
                "use": true

    Any idea why it's trying to use root on localhost without a password and not using the correct login info?
    (btw... panel works fine. eg: is using correct db info).

  • I'd really appreciate it if in the future you could post the solution you found and mark your thread as "solved" if you do find the solution before someone replies, as it wastes a lot of time that we could otherwise be using to develop PufferPanel.

    You should also open up a new thread for separate issues like this, as it makes it very hard for someone to find the solution when searching if it's included in the same thread as something else. Thanks.

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